Walled Lake Central Musical

Accent and Dialect Page is Now Up!

Please click here to be taken to the Accent page which is full of incredibly helpful information for learning and perfecting both the Yorkshire Dialect and the Standard English Dialect. Please use these resources and practice, practice, practice!!

First Choreography Video is up!

Please make sure you use this resource to practice the choreography, new videos will be posted as the show gets choreographed! If you are unsure of the password, please contact Mrs. Lenze!

Youth Chorus Cast List is Up!

To all our wonderful friends who auditioned for youth chorus- WOW!
This was one of the best YC auditions we have ever had! You were all amazing!!! Because this show only has 15 spots available for youth members, we unfortunately were not able to cast everyone. We hope all of you will audition again for any future show here at Walled Lake Central and that you keep performing in every way you can.

Bravo to you all and thank you for joining us for auditions!

-Ms. Liz
-Mrs. Lenze

Important Information!

All students and at least one guardian are asked to meet in the auditorium on Tuesday, January 23rd at 7pm for the mandatory parent meeting. February 2nd at 5pm in the auditorium is the first rehearsal and when they will accept their roles. If for any reason you unavailable to make this meeting or rehearsal, please email Miss Liz at etummine@gmail.com before the 23rd.

Please navigate to the “Youth Chorus Cast List” tab, or click here to view the cast list. Looking forward to a great show!

Important information!

Youth Chorus: Youth Chorus Auditions are Wednesday January 17th. If you are wanting to audition please be sure to e-mail Ms. Liz Tumminello at wlc.musical.director@gmail.com by Tuesday January 16! Click here to download the forms you need to bring to you audition!

Pit Roster is Up! Please check the list here. First rehearsal is a full ensemble rehearsal on Monday, January 22nd at 4:30pm!

Cast List Is Up!

First and foremost, we wanted to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Please read everything below.

The entire panel was continually impressed with the overall preparedness and professionalism of those who auditioned. We know it was a long process creating our cast list. The reason it took so long was because we want to produce the absolute best show possible for this spring. The panel had to make incredibly challenging decisions because the quality of the auditions and callbacks were so wonderful. It was a team decision from beginning to end and we are ecstatic about the results! While we will never discuss why someone got a part instead of you, we are more than willing to give you constructive feedback on your audition process. Some people will be excited, some very disappointed. Please be careful and considerate of your words and actions.

Be very aware of what you say online, on social media, through text, and directly to friends. Once you put something online or in writing (text messages, snap chat, twitter…) they can never be taken back.

  • Congratulations to all who were called back!  It was grueling and long, but we know it will pay off when we put this all together at the end. Again and again the panel was blown away by how so many of you just kept putting your absolute best forward!
    As the saying goes, “Do your best and forget the rest!”
  • The cast list will be posted on the Callboard (Board outside the Choir room) on Tuesday (1/16) morning. Please sign your name indicating that you accept your role in our show! We will then see you 2:30 – 5:30 PM for our first rehearsal!
  • Make sure and go through the entire cast list, to find out what character(s) you are. If it says ensemble we will have the specific songs you will be singing/acting/dancing in by the end of January. We will have a newly reformatted list by that time, so that you can easily see who you are, and in what scenes you will appear.
  • Things to bring to our first rehearsal on Tuesday should include: water, snacks, a binder for your script and a pencil…and get ready to go “come to our garden”!!!
  • Thank you for your time spent preparing for your auditions.  We witnessed students who have spent dozens of hours in preparing for this show…and yes, others who just pulled it together. And now, it’s time to all work together on making this a spectacular WLC musical!!!
  • If you didn’t get the role that you were hoping for, please know there were numerous reasons for our casting choices. Give it a few days, but if you are really wondering about your audition, please to talk to Mrs. Lenze, Ms. Liz, Mr. Lenze, Mr. Durand, Lisa, or Matt. Please do not stew on negative thoughts and emotions and allow them to fester. These negative emotions will hurt our show and your friendships. Have a discussion with the team and let those thoughts out so you can get constructive feedback to learn and grow. While we will never discuss why someone got a part instead of you, we are more than willing to give you constructive feedback on your audition process.
  • Please go to the Casting page located under the “Stagedoor” tab or here to find the link to the cast list!

Now, let’s make this an incredible show! You are part of something HUGE and we can’t wait to work with you!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Your audition panel,

Mrs. Lenze, Producer/Director; Ms. Liz Tuminello, Assistant Acting Director; Mr. Durand, Pit Director; Lisa Davis-English, Choreographer; Matt Weber, Auditorium Manager; Mr. Lenze, Artistic Consultant

Callback List is up!

Thank you to all who auditioned! We had a great turnout and we are very pleased with the results! Remember just because your name does not appear on the callback list this does not mean you will not be cast in the show! Be aware of what you say online, on social media, and to friends. Once things are online or in writing, they can never be taken back. Some people will be happy, some disappointed, always be careful, kind, and respectful with your words and actions.

Please look below for everything you need to prepare and bring to callbacks!

If you have any questions regarding directions during the callback, please ask. We are here to help and want to help everyone be at their best. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! See you all tomorrow at 3:00PM sharp!

Important Information!
  • Make sure you read all of the callback list so you are completely prepared.
  • Make sure to prepare the material for all parts you are called back for!
  • Click to view the Callback Music
  • Your callback starts the moment you walk in the door. No cellphones or other distractions.
  • Please print out and prepare to the best of your ability your callback music.
  • Dress professionally tomorrow.
  • We will start callbacks promptly at 3:00PM. We will begin with warm-ups onstage. PLEASE BE ON TIME.
  • Bring water to stay hydrated and a snack or food you will get hungry. You may want to try and eat something substantial right after school.
  • You will be expected to stay the entire length of callbacks. Please be respectful and professional. Please plan for rides accordingly.
  • You will need a pencil to make markings in the music.
  • You can find the callback list here

Thank you,
Mrs. Lenze, Mr. Lenze, Ms. Liz, Matt Weber, Lisa English-Davis

More Information Available!

If you are having trouble finding music to use for auditions please use this page it has some suggestions for auditions songs for each voice part. Remember that when you are selecting music for your audition you need to keep in mind the character you’re auditioning for and the style of music you are selecting. These are general suggestions that don’t necessarily give a character connection to the characters in The Secret Garden. However, if you have no idea where to begin or finding a song would prevent you from auditioning for the show, use these titles! Listen to the songs on YouTube or find the show recordings. Practice A LOT and show us what you can do!

Other Important Links


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