No Comments on TARZAN CAST LIST – 12/9/22

Our production staff was very impressed with the overall preparedness, professionalism and talent of those who auditioned. We know it was a long process creating our cast list. The panel agreed that this was one of the hardest shows we’ve had to cast due to the level of talent we have. It was a team decision from beginning to end.

While we will never discuss why someone else got your desired role, we are more than willing to give you constructive feedback on your audition process – but please wait until after Monday, 12/12 to do so. Some people will be excited, some disappointed. Please note that even students who don’t have an assigned name and are listed as “ensemble,” could be in almost all of the show. Please be careful and considerate of your words and actions. We are thrilled to get started on this show, see you all on Monday!

**You must email Miss Bloomer at oliviabloomer@teachers.wlcsd.org to accept or not accept your part in the musical within 48 HOURS of the cast list posting** A simple, “This is (Name here), and I accept the role of (character name) in this year’s production of Tarzan.” 

TARZAN -Jesse Martin

JANE – Amanda Dunn

TERK – Diego Baca

KALA – Nalani Johnson

KERCHAK – Mason Rushton

CLAYTON – Jackson Fifield


YOUNG TERK – Ella Middleton

PORTER – Noah Mostyn

SNIPES – Patricio Sandoval

FEMALE SOLOIST – Caitlyn Hawley

MALE SOLOIST – Noah Mostyn

LEOPARD – Caitlyn Hawley

TARZAN’S MOTHER – Julia Carlisle


JANE’S UNDERSTUDY – Tatiana Goffee


KALA’S UNDERSTUDY – Julia Carlisle

ENSEMBLE – Katrina Heinz

ENSEMBLE – Kayla Cal

ENSEMBLE – Jazzlyn Whiteman

ENSEMBLE – Adriana Blazquez-Gonzalez

ENSEMBLE – Brianna Kanable

ENSEMBLE – Amelia Day

ENSEMBLE – Abbey Remsburg

ENSEMBLE – Liana Justin

ENSEMBLE – Deborah Awurum

ENSEMBLE – Aliya Riste

ENSEMBLE – Samantha Conn

ENSEMBLE – Julia Biondo-Cancellara

ENSEMBLE – Michelle Engel

ENSEMBLE – Mary Hanna

ENSEMBLE – Alya Zeid

ENSEMBLE – Emma Carter

ENSEMBLE – Calvin Malisow

ENSEMBLE – Emily Hawkins

ENSEMBLE – Tyler Huskey

ENSEMBLE – Madelyn Jones

ENSEMBLE – Chloe Schneider

ENSEMBLE – Brayden Hill