Cast List

Sister Act Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned! We had a great turnout and we are very pleased with the results! Remember to please be aware of what you say online, on social media, and to friends. Once things are online or in writing, they can never be taken back. Some people will be happy, some disappointed, always be careful, kind, and respectful with your words and actions. Below is a reminder of our upcoming important dates!

  • First Rehearsal (Full Cast): Tuesday, December 11th, from 2:30 – 5pm
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting: Tuesday, December 18th, from 7 – 8:30pm

Thank you again, we look forward to having another incredible show together!
Mrs. Lenze, Mr. Lenze, Ms. Liz, Matt Weber, Lisa English-Davis

(in no particular order)

Deloris: Christina Oyinkolade
Mother Superior: Maddie Strong
Sister Mary Robert: Olivia Dunn
Sister Mary Patrick: Ava Hayes
Sister Mary Lazarus: Nikki Sabbagh
Sister Mary Martin of Tours: Lauren Hamama
Sister Mary Theresa: Lily Byrne
Sister Mary Clare: Lauren Cody
Sister Mary Brigid: Isabelle Belanger
Sister Mary Elizabeth: Abby Zahra
Sister Mary Drogo: Alex Ramirez
Sister Mary Francis: Priya Kothari
Sister Mary Genesis: Faith Olsson
Sister Mary Amand: Jill Judson
Sister Mary Hervé:
Libby McFarland
Sister Mary Irene: Hunter Kirkland
Sister Mary John: Sarah Schiffer
Sister Mary Maturinus: Brooke Mostyn
Sister Mary Kateri: Faith Snell
Sister Mary Nicholas: Shay Athayde
Sister Mary Octavious: Amy Prechtel
Sister Mary Paul: Hailey Weinstein
Sister Mary Luke: Abbie DeMesa
Monsignor O’Hara: Corwin Pepper
Curtis: Tyler Marks
Eddie: Josh Thomas
Officer Krup: Luke Reising
TJ: Joshua Mostyn
Joey: Elijah Belanger
Pablo: Jaden Rubio
Ernie: Quinn Hysni
Michelle: Jill Judson
Aisha: Hunter Kirkland
Erin: Sarah Schiffer
Tina: Libby McFarland
Cab Driver: Jacob Osborne
Newscaster: Brandon Sims
Drag Queen: Michael Tarcea
1st Bar Patron: Shay Athayde
Waitress: Brooke Mostyn
Pool Players: Ethan Davis, Faith Snell, Amy Prechtel
Vagabond/Bar Patrons: Nathan Malisow, Jack Maule, Ethan Davis, Alayna Tuz, Brandon Sims, Hailey Wesintein, Abbie DeMesa, Andrew Quinn, Noah Austad