Volunteer Descriptions

This show is not possible without the amazing help of everyone, including our wonderful parents! It is recommended that you volunteer for at least one area of the production; there are so many areas we can use your help in! Below you will find a list of areas that are in need of help and the descriptions of what those committees entail. Please sign up on the stage at the Parent meeting for one or more of the committees if you would like to be considered for a committee leader and organizer please put a * next to your name. Thank you in advance for you generous support and help in this production!

Below are descriptions for some of the many volunteer positions we are looking for. Please let us know any skills you have that could aid us in our amazing production!

Marketing and PR:

These parents will assist the lead Jon Lenze with promoting and marketing the show through all appropriate channels. People gifted in InDesign, Photoshop, Graphic Design, or other artistic advertising mediums needed as well as anyone with contacts in the marketing and publicity field.

Bio Boards:

Parents here are needed to create a beautiful, memorable lobby display showcasing our fantastic company.

Shirt Orders:

Under the direction of Mrs. Lenze, parents are needed to help organize and execute ordering the show t-shirts for the entire Company. Good organizational skills are definitely needed here.

Box Office:

Parents are needed to assist with pre-show ticket sales, will call, and on site purchasing of tickets for all performances.


Parent Volunteers are needed to assist patrons in locating and arriving at their seats for shows. Will also distribute programs and help maintain order in the lobby and audience during pre-show and intermission.


Parents are needed to help organize, acquire, and sell concessions during the pre-show and intermission.

Set Construction:

We are in need of parents to help assemble the set and work on special projects. Please note when you sign up if you have basic construction skills, advanced construction skills, any special skills (ie wielding, electrical, etc).

Set Painting

For this show we are also in great need of painters. Please note if you have a skill in this area and whether it is in basic painting (ie painting solid colors. Ex. walls in your home), or if it is in advanced painting (ie mural painting, brick work etc).

Company Meals and Snacks:

This is a huge need. We are looking for a group of parents to work with us in organizing, acquiring, preparing, and serving meals for our long rehearsals, as well as small snacks for our weekly rehearsals.

Props Acquisition

Assist in the acquisition of needed props for the period specific performances.


Help is needed to create, organize, and acquire various costumes under the direction of our costume designer Sue Ellen Keith.