Bio Information

Grease Bio Submission and Sample

It’s time to create and submit your bios! Bios are due February 7th!

Requirements for your biography:

  1. Your name is always first, with your role following in parentheses
  2. It is to be written in the third person (He/She/They)
  3. Please share what graduating class/grade you are in
  5. 600 words or less

Things to keep in mind when writing your bios:

  1. You may want to include past credits (shows) you have been in here at WLC and/or other places
  2. List any academics you may love, after school activities, hobbies of interest, etc.
  3. Feel free to put any special awards you have received
  4. Shout outs/thank you’s to parents, friends, teachers, etc. (Looking for some awesome people to thank? Start with your incredible production team!)
  5. Share your future plans if you are Graduating
  6. Remember to keep them school appropriate and always be kind to others

What do you do with your biography when it’s finished?

Please submit you’re completed bio with the form below! Please keep in mind the guides we’ve given to you, it’ll cut down on us having to contact you for changes!

Biography Sample:

Vanessa Chambers (Ensemble) is a Senior here at Central. Past WLC productions include Priscilla the Hot Box Dancer (Guys and Dolls) and Russian Seamstress (Fiddler on the Roof). She also worked backstage for Servent. When she is not in school she can be found at competitive video game building contests, which earned her the 2015 Unreal 4 Best in Show Design. She is planning on attending Wayne State in the fall, studying to become a Veterinary Tech. She would like to thank Mr. S for helping her with coding, her brother for doing the dishes when rehearsals ran late, and her Mom and Dad for always supporting all her crazy ideas. “GIVE IT UP FOR THE CLASS OF 2016!!!”