Callback Information

Thank you to all who auditioned! We had a great turnout and we are very pleased with the results! Remember just because your name does not appear on the callback list this does not mean you will not be cast in the show! Be aware of what you say online, on social media, and to friends. Once things are online or in writing, they can never be taken back. Some people will be happy, some disappointed, always be careful, kind, and respectful with your words and actions.

Please look below for everything you need to prepare and bring to callbacks!

If you have any questions regarding directions during the callback, please ask. We are here to help and want to help everyone be at their best. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Make sure you are ON TIME for our start of 11 AM.

Thank you,
Mrs. Lenze, Mr. Lenze, Ms. Liz, Matt Weber, Lisa English-Davis

Important Information!

  • Make sure you read all of the callback list so you are completely prepared.
  • Make sure to prepare the material for all parts you are called back for!
    • Fairytale creatures and Gingy prepare Freak Flag Fly
    • Pinnochio ONLY prepare Story of My Life
    • Shrek prepare
      • When Words Fail
      • Build a Wall
    • Fiona prepare
      • This is How a Dream Comes True
      • I Know It’s Today
    • Dragon prepare
      • This is How a Dream Comes True
      • Forever
    • Donkey prepare Don’t Let Me Go
    • Farquad prepare Ballad of Farquaad
  • Click to view the Callback Music and practice.
  • Your callback starts the moment you walk in the door. No cellphones or other distractions.
  • Please print out and prepare to the best of your ability your callback music.
  • You will need a pencil to make markings in the music.
  • Dress professionally! Remember we SEE you before we ever hear you.
  • We will start callbacks promptly at 11:00 AM. We will begin with warm-ups onstage. BE ON TIME.
  • Bring water to stay hydrated and a snack or food you will get hungry. You may want to try and eat something substantial before you come.
  • You will be expected to stay the entire length of callbacks. Please be respectful and professional. Please plan for rides accordingly.
  • Click to view the Callback List